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Danforth Educational Leadership Program

Course Descriptions

Cohort Retreat and Campus Week

EDLPS 501: Introduction: Leadership Beyond the Classroom

The opening weeklong residential retreat and UW campus week introduce students to educational leadership through identification of core values, approaches to conflict and examination of how culturally responsive leadership practices shape culture, support improved student learning and build instructional capacity.

Leadership Core Classes

Leadership Core I, II and III combine content from all six core competencies through integrated learning strands. Key learning experiences completed during each quarter are included below.

EDLPS 502: Leadership Core I

  • Conduct an equity audit of an organization
  • Research and create a cultural portrait of an educational organization
  • Examine legal cases and district policies that shape student and teacher rights
  • Complete multiple evidence-based learning observations; pre-conference, observation, post-conference with teaching practitioners
  • Practice effective communication through reflection on practice augmented by engagement with case studies and role play 

Main Modules: Building Instructional Capacity; Culturally Responsive Leadership; Driving Improvement Through Inquiry; Effective Communication & Productive Conflict; Educational Law; Moral & Political Dimensions; Shaping Culture & Leading Change

EDLPS 503: Leadership Core II

  • Lead a collaborative inquiry cycle designed to improve teacher and leader practice and student learning
  • Analyze elements of family and community engagement present in an educational organization
  • Conduct a Comprehensive Resource Analysis related to a policy and/or program with suggested changes to produce more equitable outcomes
  • Analyze a moral dilemma encountered during their work

Main Modules: Building Instructional Capacity; Culturally Responsive Leadership; Driving Improvement Through Inquiry; Equitable Collaborations; Marshaling Resources; Moral & Political Dimensions; Shaping Culture & Leading Change

EDLPS 504: Leadership Core III

  • Develop an entry plan that describes the first 10, 30, 60 and 90 days of leading a school
  • Build capacity with teachers and other educators through targeted, job-embedded professional development
  • Adopt culturally responsive leadership practices through examination of curriculum, instruction and hiring practices

Main Modules: Culturally Responsive Leadership; Driving Improvement Through Inquiry; Equitable Collaborations; Marshaling Resources; Moral & Political Dimensions; Shaping Culture & Leading Change

Reflective Seminar

Students participate in a weekly reflective seminar to help you link learning from their internship experiences to program expectations and coursework. During the second half of the year, students take over the leadership of these sessions and gain additional experience in preparing and delivering professional learning.

Master’s Coursework

For six of the nine required master’s credits, students elect two 3-credit graduate courses related to educational leadership, research and/or policy. Some online options are available.

The final credits are earned through a one-credit course taken during Autumn, Winter and Spring Quarters. This instructor-led course, delivered about once a month in face-to-face and/or web-connection format, helps students research, write and present their final master’s learning project — either a comprehensive literature review or an original study of equity in education.