Performance Guarantee

In 2013, the Danforth Educational Leadership Program, in partnership with the UW Center for Educational Leadership, announced an innovative new element that we believe is unique in higher education: a competency-based performance guarantee.

We are confident that our alumni are equipped with the knowledge and skills to step into school leadership positions and thrive in today's challenging educational environment. If, however, they ever need additional guidance or support in putting the program core competency standards into practice, the Center for Educational Leadership will provide follow-up support through networking, additional professional development, coaching or other assistance targeted to the needs of the individual. This follow-up support will be provided at no cost to the alumni or their schools or districts.

Core Competencies

The Danforth program's unique guarantee is rooted in the fundamental core competency standards, supported through instruction in the program's learning strands. These learning strands are:

  • Advocating With Students, Families and Communities
  • Building Instructional Capacity
  • Committing to Ethical Practices
  • Driving Improvement With Data
  • Marshaling Resources and Improving Systems
  • Shaping Culture and Leading Change

Going forward, the Danforth program will incorporate one competency each year into the performance guarantee. For the 20142015 cohort (Danforth 27), the program is focusing on the competencies Building Instructional Capacity and Driving Improvement With Data. A special task force composed of school and district leaders and University of Washington faculty has developed specific performance measures, aligned curriculum and exit criteria for these competencies, as detailed in the program's competency standards.

For more information about the performance guarantee, see the article "Stand by Me" or email us.


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