Exemplary leadership preparation requires a combination of research and practice. The Danforth Educational Leadership Program engages top faculty from the UW College of Education along with active principals and school district leaders from the surrounding community to lead the program's instructional modules. These individuals bring decades of combined educational experience and cutting-edge research to the program, ensuring that the Danforth curriculum is relevant and up-to-date.

  • Ann O'Doherty

    Director, Danforth Educational Leadership Program

    EdD, University of Texas at Austin

    Ann O'Doherty is the director of the Danforth Educational Leadership Program and a senior lecturer in the UW College of Education. Before assuming this role, she served as a clinical assistant professor at the University of Texas at Austin. There she directed the Collaborative Urban Leadership Project, which prepares effective secondary school leaders for schools in the Dallas, Houston, Harlandale and Austin areas. She also codeveloped the racial awareness curriculum module for the Preparing Leaders to Support Diverse Learners program of the University Council for Educational Administration. Prior to her work in higher education, O'Doherty spent 18 years contributing to public schools at the pre-K-12 level, including 12 years as a school administrator. Her research interests include program evaluation, coaching, leadership development and district-level influence on school success. She regularly contributes to research and scholarship efforts and currently serves as a member of the editorial board for Educational Administration Quarterly.

    annodoh@uw.edu | Phone: 206-221-3452

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  • Pete Misner

    Associate Director, Danforth Educational Leadership Program

    MA, City University

    Pete Misner is the associate director of the Danforth program as well as a teaching associate. He previously spent a decade as an elementary school principal in the Northshore School District. Through his work as a building-level leader, Misner brings a deep knowledge of data use and inquiry processes as well as a focus on building capacity for improved practice and learning. He has served the Danforth program as a Corbally principal in residence as well as a co-instructor for the Shaping Culture and Leading Change module. Additionally, Misner has been an instructor for the Danforth summer retreats and is a proud member of Danforth 17.


  • Lance Andree

    Teaching Associate

    JD, University of Washington

    Lance Andree is a partner with the Seattle law firm of Porter Foster Rorick. His law practice focuses on advising and defending public schools on a broad range of legal issues including labor and employment, special education, student and parent rights, open government and constitutional law. Prior to joining Porter Foster Rorick in 2003, he served as a judicial clerk for the Washington Court of Appeals, where he helped research and write opinions of the court. Andree teaches school law in the principal preparation programs at the UW and Seattle University.


  • Ann Ishimaru

    Assistant Professor

    PhD, Harvard University

    Ann Ishimaru is an assistant professor of educational leadership, policy and organizations at the UW College of Education. Her research and teaching focus on developing leadership capacity for equity-based systemic change, the use of data in educational inquiry processes, transformative family and community engagement, and community-based research methods. She is a principal investigator of the Equitable Parent-School Collaboration Research Project as well as the Organizational Leadership for Equity Project . Her research has been published in Harvard Educational Review, Teachers College Record and Educational Administration Quarterly. Ishimaru previously worked for an education research organization, led community-based organizations and taught middle and high school science.

    aishi@uw.edu | Phone: 206-543-9840

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  • Rob MacGregor

    Senior Lecturer

    Ed.D, University of Washington

    Robert MacGregor has been an educator in Washington for over thirty years in a variety of educational leadership roles, including superintendent, assistant superintendent and principal. In addition, Robert served as Assistant Superintendent for School Improvement for the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction from 2001 through 2006. As an Associate Director for L4L, Robert is interested in helping students explore and deepen their understanding of issues related to instructional leadership for superintendents and other central office administrators. Rob teaches Marshaling Resources for Equitable Outcomes with Mia Williams for Winter/Spring.

    rrmac8@uw.edu | Phone: 206-221-3427

  • Anneke Markholt


    PhD, University of Washington

    Anneke Markholt is the associate director of the UW Center for Educational Leadership. There she designs and directs the center's district partnerships, with a focus on developing teacher effectiveness and instructional leadership. She is particularly interested in the intersection of teaching, learning and the leadership capacity necessary for school systems to engage in instructional improvement, especially for linguistically diverse students. Prior to her work with the Center for Educational Leadership, Markholt spent five years as an associate researcher for the UW Center for the Study of Teaching and Policy. She also taught for 10 years in the Tacoma Public Schools, where she was an ESL specialist. She is the coauthor of Leading for Instructional Improvement: How Successful Leaders Develop Teaching and Learning Expertise (2011).


  • Jennifer Rose

    Teaching Associate

    EdD, University of Washington

    Jennifer Rose has been an educator for more than two decades. Much of her career has been spent with the Bellevue School District, where she currently serves as principal of the International School. Previously she worked as principal at Medina Elementary School and assistant principal at Sammamish High School; she also taught English at the high school level. She received her administrative credentials from the Danforth program in 2003 as part of cohort 15 and has stayed engaged in the program since that time, serving as a panel member, guest teacher and instructor. She also works as an adjunct instructor at Seattle University. Rose earned her doctorate from the UW Leadership for Learning program in 2012.


  • David Wellington

    Teaching Associate

    MA, University of Puget Sound

    David Wellington has worked in education for more than two decades. He taught high school for nine years before becoming an administrator. Wellington has served as a middle school and high school principal and is currently principal at Maywood Hills Elementary in the Northshore School District. He was part of the Danforth 14 cohort in 20012002.


  • Mia Williams

    Teaching Associate

    Ed.D. University of Washington

    Williams began teaching in Seattle Public Schools in 1993 and entered the Danforth program in 2000. After completing her master's degree, Williams served as an assistant principal in the district at Salmon Bay and Denny International before assuming leadership of Aki Kurose. In 2013, Williams received the Thomas B. Foster Award for Excellence, which recognizes outstanding secondary school principals in the district, and was lauded for creating a "school culture of high expectations, inclusiveness, equity and mutual respect among staff, students, families and community members." She currently is the Principal at Aki Kurose Middle School and teaches Marshaling Resources for Equitable Outcomes with Rob MacGregor for Winter/Spring.