Courses & Curriculum

Degree Requirements

The Danforth Educational Leadership Program is a one-year program that requires the completion of 36 credits of coursework over four quarters, for those students seeking principal certification, program administrator certification or both. Students may also elect to earn a Master of Education by taking an additional 9 credits, which includes an additional quarter of study, for a total of 45 credits over four quarters.

Program Structure

The Danforth program is formally structured so that students take six credits during their first summer quarter and 10 credits for each of the next three quarters (see chart below for details). Master's degree students take an additional course each quarter and will complete their master's degree requirements over the course of four quarters. Some online course options are available for master's degree students.

Program Summer I Autumn Winter Spring
Danforth Cohort Retreat and UW Campus Week (6 credits) Leadership Core I (6 credits) Leadership Core II (6 credits) Leadership Core III (6 credits)
Internship & Reflective Seminar (4 credits) Internship & Reflective Seminar (4 credits) Internship & Reflective Seminar (4 credits)
Danforth Master's Additional Course (3 credits) Additional Course (3 credits) Additional Course (3 credits)

In addition to these courses, students must also complete a rigorous internship that includes at least 1,000 hours of documented leadership experiences at a school and/or district site under the guidance of an experienced mentor. See the Internship page for more detailed information.

Courses and Curriculum

The Danforth program has a unique, integrated curriculum that deeply explores issues essential to developing equity-driven, learning focused school and district leaders. These six learning strands, detailed in the graphic below, support the Danforth Core Competencies and are woven together throughout the cohort retreat, UW Campus Week, leadership core courses and internship.

curriculum graphic


leadership video


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Being affiliated with the Danforth program has benefited my career development in big part because of how the academic preparation was tethered to real-world practice. This combination allowed me to make numerous connections with other educational leaders, which developed into a network of colleagues that was not only valuable in the hiring process, but even more so in the execution of my job once

Sena Camarata, Danforth 25