danforth careers

Members of the Danforth Educational Leadership Program become part of a proud tradition that stretches back more than two decades and is highly regarded in the region. Students forge strong bonds with other members of their Danforth cohort and make deep connections with program faculty and alumni, which helps them form a valuable career network.

As of August 2015, 96 percent of that year’s Danforth class had already been selected to serve in school-level or district-level leadership positions. All Danforth graduates are now backed by a performance guarantee.

Danforth alumni stay connected long after the program ends, with many returning to the University of Washington through the UW Leadership for Learning doctoral program and other College of Education degree offerings. Our alumni also remain involved in the Danforth program by nominating potential candidates, assisting with selection interviews and serving as mentors, UW advocates, panelists and teaching associates and instructors.

Return on Investment

The principal and program administrator certifications are an investment in your development as a leader and your career in education. The following graphic shows the increase in compensation made possible by certification – as well as the teaching salary increase associated with earning your master's degree, which is also an option in the Danforth program.

The market for Danforth graduates is healthier than ever! In conversations I've had with district human resources directors and in my own personal experience, seeing Danforth on a resume means this candidate is worthy of a deeper level of intrigue and consideration.

Robert Aguilar (Danforth 25)